Pet Photos

We sometimes take for granted the good times we have with our pets.  A quality photograph gives us a timeless reminder of those cherished members of your family and the special bond you have with them.

Rachel Bailey offers a photography service that provides you with candid and natural portraits of your pet.  Shot on location, in your home, on a walk, or at a place special to you, Rachel caters to each animals individual temperament, creating images that capture their unique spirit and personality and pictures guaranteed to make you smile for years to come.


Rachel can also provide a portable studio.  Prices start from £25.00.


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Equine Photos

Rachel's Equine Photography captures the presence and personality of your horse.  Your horses are a large part of your family and Rachel understands the close bond you will have with each of them. You've got to know their individual characteristics, have formed friendships and have many happy memories of your time spent together.  Investing in a portrait session with your horse allows all of those memories to be bought together so they can be treasured for the years ahead.  Rachel's sessions focus on the friendship you share through a relaxed and calm atmosphere.  She use's the natural surroundings and natural light to compliment you and your horse.


Gift vouchers are available and are perfect for that special person. Prices start from £25.00.


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Photo Gallery

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